It’s all about the details.

I’ve often heard that “the devil is in the details”.  I would like to submit to you that this is not so when dealing with the issues of life.  I propose that if God spent the time to shape us from the inside and out, before the womb,  He then knows us from the first stitch to the last.  Everything in our lives were laid out by Him.   Every day from our creation to the end are known by Him. If we were wonderfully and fearfully made, then he knows every bone in our body, every thought and every pain.  This is the depth of how God understands what makes us tick.  Therefore, when it comes to the details of my life,  challenges, joys and pain, I will begin looking for God in the details.  Maybe this is why I should be still, and know.

SOAP Journal?

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Read a chapter in the Bible and pick out a key verse that speaks to you. Then, write an observation of that what you think that verse is saying. Next, write how you can apply what you observed. Lastly, write a prayer that asks God for guidance to seek His will in applying what you have read and written.


June 15th 2009
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Read the Bible in 90 days

Zondervan has teamed up wth the creator of's Ted Cooper Jr. to provide materials and guidance for your church members to read the Bible in ninty days.  There are sermon notes, small group materials and many other resources to make this a a whole church event.  It's looks like ...
January 21st 2009
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Prepare your reading plan.

I've found a good online tool for preparing a daily reading plan.  It’s provided by The link will take you to the selection page where your choose the translation and type of reading you prefer.  This is great because it also lets you choose whether to read the bible beginning ...
January 5th 2009
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New Year’s Revolution

Make a new year's revolution in your life.  Journal the Bible with us!  There are many study guides available free on the internet that will help you read the Bible through in a year.  Or you could just start with Genesis, it is the begining after all.  What ever you ...
December 1st 2008
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Beta Testers Needed!

We need you! Please try it out today.   Use your Google account to  login.  If you don't have a Google account, you can signup here. Although the site is a live beta today, we are always looking for ways to improve. Thanks!
July 25th 2008
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New features released.

We have reached the next milestone! Shared Entries: Any entries you have marked as public will be shown on this page: We had hoped to have rss feeds by this milestone, but it looks like we will need to push them to another milestone. Enjoy! Your SoapJournal Team


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